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Handheld 3D scanner

HolonB71 product features:
1. The precision of fine scanning is up to 0.010mm, without photogrammetry
2. Using 22 laser lines + 1 beam scanning deep hole + 7 scanning details, fast scanning speed
3. Large scanning format, high measuring speed, super high efficiency
4. Pure blue light technology has stronger anti-interference, more accurate data and more refined

Three-dimensional photogrammetry system, three-dimensional photogrammetry, three-dimensional measurement

HOLOND71 product features:
1. The measurement accuracy of single machine is up to 0.01mm, and large and medium-sized objects can be easily scanned without the help of photogrammetry system
2. 13 pairs of cross laser beams + 7 pairs of fine scanning excitation beams + 1 deep hole scanning laser beam are used
3. Industrial design, light weight, easy to carry, ready to use, high work efficiency, new independent research and development technology guaranteed

Calibry (color scan)
Handheld 3D scanner Calibry-Hualang 3D scanner

Calibry product features: 1. Small size (0.7kg), light and portable, hand-held and ready to use, easy to operate. 2, the scanning speed is fast, can be quickly captured, 30 frames per second, up to 3 million points per second. 3. With 3 tracking modes, it can be tracked by geometry, texture or mark, which is more convenient for scanning objects, faster recognition and high precision calibration technology. 4. Equipped with software that is simple but powerful, it is easy to get accurate data.

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