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China's "artificial sun" perfected construction during the year, leading the wor


China's "artificial sun" perfected construction during the year, leading the world

Since the major breakthrough in nuclear physics in the 1940s, the United States used two atomic bombs in World War II to verify the enormous power of thermonuclear physical reactions. Since then, nuclear bombs have been a devastating weapon for the whole world. However, China has used this technology to benefit people. The "Artificial Sun" project uses physical technology to create something similar to the "sun." The reality is not so easy to achieve, facing three problems, the first problem to be solved is, how to raise the temperature and control it at 100 million degrees? Second, with a high temperature of 100 million degrees, what materials can resist? Finally, how do the light and thermal energy released by the thermonuclear reaction transmit energy in time through effective methods and reasonable structures? This is a major obstacle to the development of the project.

Wang Pinghuai, the chief engineer of the project, the "first wall" of the core component of China's artificial sun, after 10 years of searching, finally found the "first wall" material that can be used as a "firewall" for artificial sun. Resistant to materials, breaking the monopoly of the United States, reducing the cost, and taking the lead in the international certification through the authority, let China's technology behind the United States leap to lead the world. After the breakthrough of the first technology, China has also achieved the second technology. A major breakthrough. China was able to successfully operate the full superconducting Tokamak nuclear fusion experimental device for 101.2 seconds, and the operating temperature reached 100 million degrees Celsius above the solar core temperature, and the cyclone nuclear fusion was stably operated for more than 100 seconds. It has now become a normalization, and the project leader has publicly announced that the second phase of the project will be completed this year.

The device can serve as a template for future nuclear fusion reactors, bringing the dream of infinite clean energy closer to reality. After the nuclear power plant can be connected to the grid, the production cost of nuclear fusion energy is relatively low, and ordinary people can afford it. At present, industry experts are generally optimistic that the 2050 time node is likely to achieve this goal.

The advantages of nuclear fusion are obvious. How to truly achieve controlled nuclear fusion, so that the future of grid-connected power generation, there is still a long way to go. How to effectively derive the heat generated by the artificial sun and convert it into electrical energy through the equipment will be another difficulty in the future. However, everyone must have confidence that through the efforts of Chinese scientists, artificial solar power generation for humans is very likely to be realized.

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