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3D scan of Polish female singer's body


Human body 3D scanner, also called 3D body scanner, uses optical measurement technology, computer technology, image processing technology, digital signal processing technology, etc. to perform non-contact automatic measurement of the contour of the 3D human body surface. Use optical three-dimensional scanning to quickly scan the whole body or half of the human body in multiple angles and directions, and then realize automatic splicing through computer software to obtain accurate and complete human point cloud data and achieve stronger functions.
The famous Polish female singer is cooperating with Fanadise, the world's first content creator NFT platform, to launch an NFT project. The body was divided into 406 parts and scanned by 3D for auction to fans, including conventional parts such as arms, legs, and back, as well as some more special parts, such as lips, chest and other parts.

The 3D human body (half body) scanning system takes advantage of the fast optical three-dimensional scanning and the advantages of white light that is harmless to the human body. It can scan various parts of the human body to obtain complete human body point cloud data. Most of the applications are in the medical field, collecting data for patient treatment, or applied in cosmetic surgery; clothing, tailor-made and special clothing design (such as aerospace suits, diving suits) and other aspects; bring a lot of Convenience and help.

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