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China achieves world advanced for the first time, pays tribute to one person


Affected by the epidemic, the US military used 3D technology to make masks in order to alleviate the shortage of masks. Although efficiency should not be. But it also made everyone interested in this "magic" technology. Put powdered raw materials in the printer, you can get toys, models, car parts, etc. Therefore, 3D printing technology is also called "Promoting the realization of the fourth The Industrial Revolution". In this neighborhood, China is the first in the world, and China has become the only country in the world that has mastered the manufacturing technology of large-scale main bearing components of laser-formed titanium alloy and put it into practical use.

With 3D printing technology, China has reached the world's advanced level for the first time in the vicinity of aeronautical materials, and cutting-edge fighters ushered in a "blowout." Moreover, the manufacturing of J-15 has applied the 3D printing technology of titanium alloy and M100 steel. Professor Huang Weidong of Northwestern Polytechnical University revealed that China has been developing 3D printing technology for about 20 years, and has made considerable achievements in this neighborhood. It currently has the technology and ability to use lasers to form complex titanium alloy components over 12 square meters. It is of great help to the research and development of China's cutting-edge fighters.

When it comes to laser forming technology for large and complex integral components of aircraft titanium alloys, one person needs to be mentioned is Professor Wang Huaming. He led the team to overcome this difficulty, for which he won the first prize of the National Technical Invention Award. Using this technology to manufacture key structural parts in high-end equipment such as aircraft and aero engines can avoid the defects of traditional manufacturing methods without the need for large forging dies and industrial equipment. It has low cost, short cycle time, high material utilization rate, reliable quality, Excellent performance and other advantages.

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